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Nike Store 5 AvenueInfine, i Brooklyn Nets vincono 98 92 a Phoenix contro i Suns. Decisivi, per il quarto successo in dieci partite arrivato dopo quattro ko di fila, i 23 punti di uno scatenato D'Angelo Russell, che mette a referto anche 8 assist e 6 rimbalzi, con Carroll che realizza una doppia con 14 punti ed 11 assist. Una vittoria costruita soprattutto nei primi 12 minuti, con il 19 28 che regala un vantaggio recuperato però nel finale, quando i Suns arrivano addirittura al 1, venendo però respinti dai Nets. Charles de Foucauld says: "When you love someone, you are in that person in a real way, you are in that person through love, you live in that person through love; you do not live in yourself, you are from yourself, yourself." And it is because of this love that Jesus' light gains ground in us, just as he promised: "To those who love me I will reveal myself" (see Jn 14: 21). Love is a source of light. And by loving, we have a greater understanding of God who is love.'Let's accept his 'commandment' and strive to love, just as he did, in the endless opportunities to do this all through the day: in our families, in the parish, at work responding to offences with forgiveness, building bridges rather than walls, and putting ourselves at the service of anyone weighed down by difficulties.. Le Bara se démarque également du Real, favorisé par le franquisme et club de cur du roi, en revendiquant ses liens noués dès les années 1930 avec la gauche sociale, républicaine et catalaniste. Héritier de cette identité politique et se posant en narrateur de l'histoire immédiate du Bara, le président Joan Laporta souhaite, d'après Le Monde du 20 décembre 2009, créer un parti indépendantiste et candidater aux régionales de 2010 sitt son mandat achevé car le Bara va plus loin que le football. Nous sommes porteurs de l'épopée la plus émouvante de l'histoire: celle qui guide les peuples soumis vers la liberté. You are in: Home > Economy > Saturday, May 21, 2016In Havana, Cuba a well attended meeting launches the Economy of Communion (EoC). The project appears adaptable to the socio economic situation of the island."Although the challenges are many that the Caribbean country has before it, it seemed to me that the Economy of Communion (EoC) was just made for Cuba" said United States EoC business owner John Mundell while speaking at the conclusion of an event on April 29, 2016 in Havana. There were about thirty people including representatives of local cuenta propismo (self employment) training groups, members of discussion teams examining new socio economic proposals, entrepreneurs, accountants, as well as people with a general interest in the topic.In addition to the aforementioned business owner from Indianapolis and member of the EoC International Commission, there were also representatives from Italy: Gaetano Giunta and Steni di Piazza from the MECC (Microcredito per L'Economia civile e di comunione) , Francesco Tortorellaand Francesco Marini of the Projects Sector ofAction for a United World (AMU).In his opening address, Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Giorgio Lingua recalled the invitation Pope Francis extended to the youth during his visit to the island in September 2015: "Live 'social friendship' so that you'll be able to discern together how to implement it and help others to live for the common good." "Very appropriate words," thought Paola Montetta who was one of the organizers of the event, "given that we had Christians and non believers who had Socialist training, and all of us moved by the desire to live a lifestyle of communion."After an overview of the Civil Economy, the Economy of Communion (EoC) was presented that included a description of the novelties and challenges it poses, placing the human person at the centre of economic action, particularly the vulnerable and the needy.

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